Artur Trojanowski

Artur Trojanowski - born in 1968 in Łódź, Poland. Alumnus   of the Faculty of Visual Education at PWSSP (National Higher School of Visual Arts, later changed into Academy of Fine Arts) in Łódź, received his diploma in 1993 at prof. Tomasz Chojnacki's studio of Viscosity Printing and a diploma in painting at prof. Jacek Bigoszewski's studio. He deals with painting, film and installation art. Since 2005, as Bob Dewolai, he heads the "Art. Spożywcze" (Groceries) Group and Pracownia Antyreklamy (Counter Publicity Studio). He is currently living and working in Lanckorona. He presented his art on solo and joint exhibitions in Poland, Germany and Ukraine at, among others, the Culture Centre ZAMEK in Poznań, Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń, and Bielska Gallery BWA and in Denmark, France, Germany and in the Ukraine. He received multiple prizes of "Obraz Roku" (Picture of the Year) from the monthly magazine Art & Business (in 2002, 2003 and 2005).