Tomasz Kopcewicz

Tomasz Kopcewicz - born in 1974 r. in Kamień Pomorski, Poland. Alumnus of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, diploma at the prof. Włodzimierz Łajming's Painting Studio (2002), and                        at prof. Witosław's Czerwonka’s Intermedia Studio. Since 2002 he's been a resident at Gdańska Kolonia Artystów (Gdańsk Artists Colony) at the post-shipyard grounds, where he co-created the „Znajomi Znad Morza” (Friends from the Seaside) group. He deals with painting and realization of video works. Currently lives in Warsaw. He presented his works at individual and joint exhibitions in, amongst others, The Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art. in Gdańsk, Kordegarda in Warsaw, Zachęta, Zamek Ujazdowski Center for Contemporary Art, Wyspa Art Institute in Gdańsk, Gdańsk City Gallery, BWA Wrocław Gallery              of Contemporary Art and National Art. Gallery in Sopot. His artworks can be found    in the collection of National Museum in Gdańsk. Laurate of the Polish edition of One Minute Films festival (Gdańsk - 2006) and Painting Biennale „Bielska Jesień” (Autumn in Bielsko) (Bielsko BWA Gallery – 2005).